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Kizzia Creates is a monthly newsletter about herding words, wrangling yarn, and living life, published on the last day of every month.

If herding words, wrangling yarn and living life seems a little vague then I can be a bit more specific. These newsletters are mostly a round up of what I’ve been up to during each month so there may be thoughts on different aspects of writing, the sharing of crochet patterns and specific crochet skills, plus discussions about anything and everything that has happened to me/interested me in the month.

And, as living life currently involves trying to orchestrate moving myself and my parents (for whom I am primary carer) nearly 400 miles north to be nearer the rest of our family, there will probably be repeated mentions of house clearances and all the ups and downs that go along with such a venture.

What I can promise is that there will be at least one “thing” discussed in detail and as well as that I will share links to anything I’ve written elsewhere during the month and the newsletter will be signed off with a one card tarot reading designed to give a small insight into what we might want to think about for the month ahead.

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Herding words, Wrangling yarn, Living life.


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